Mission Field
1. Local Missions
Mississippi River Ministry - A host of mission opportunities can be found in our own area that need to be accomplished. Projects such as painting and roofing houses, building wheelchair ramps, light to moderate construction/remodeling, Back Yard Bible Clubs and more. We are constantly looking for groups to help complete these projects.

Hispanic Mission/Church - We have one Hispanic Mission Church that we help sponsor. It is located in Martin, and is a ministry of First Baptist Church of Martin.

2. National Missions
Beulah Baptist Association has been involved with a Mid-West Partnership for five years. We have started churches and strengthened existing churches in Western Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. We have so by supporting them financially, sending mission teams to do surveys, build buildings, remodel buildings, staff camps, and conduct Back Yard Bible Clubs and Vacation Bible Schools.

3. International Missions
Beulah Baptist Association has a partnership with IMB Missionaries Thurman and Carolyn Penick in Southern Mexico. We are presently building a Training Center in the Serria Mazateco Mountains to help reach and train the Mazateco Indians an unreached people group. Three teams have gone down this year to complete one third of the building. Five teams are to follow this November, December, January, February, and March.

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